Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stretch a 1 pager into a 2 pager (Part 2)

Today I wanted to show you guys something fun. Tami and I each turned Sketch #90 into a two pager and we both chose a winnie the pooh theme. I thought you might like to see the 2 versions and hopefully it will inspire you to give it a try. 

Yesterday's post showed you that you can use the same sketch twice to make a 2 pager or you can stretch it. Both of us stretched our pages and since this is a single photo layout, when you stretch it to a 2 page layout, you may want to add more photos. We each had different numbers of photos and different sizes. But if you look at the basic background shapes, you will see that they are inspired by the sketch. 

First, Here is Sketch #90 and below is Tami's "Pooh Bear and Eeyore" layout followed by my "Magic of Disney Animation" layout. 



  1. Great job on those two! I have SUCH a hard time with 2 pagers now that I'd almost want to do multiple single pages instead! lol! This idea really makes sense though.

  2. I tried to use it for a cover!