Friday, October 11, 2013

2 page Sketch #18

I don't have an example for this one yet. I created this one for Disney Scrappers with instagram photos in mind.  Great way to get a bunch of photos scrapped and I kept it simple so you could add as little or as much embellishment as you like. I was thinking it would be great for parade photos or disney top 8 faves

And here is a fantastic example of this sketch by my friend, Laurie Zeller. Thanks so much! I love this sketch for a list. For more inspiration visit Laurie's Blog HERE.

 And here is another fun Disney example from Cheryl Even. It's just a great way to use alot of photos on your layout and still have room to journal or do a bit of embellishment.  Visit Cheryl's Blog here


  1. ummm... Did you change your numbering system, or should this be "2 page Sketch #18"? (btw, I love how many of your examples are Disney-fied!)

  2. I love this sketch and have been mentally saving it for when I had some Disney photos to scrap. I used it today, and even though I don't do instagram photos so I had to adapt it a bit, it still worked out great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Fab, fab, fab! The samples are terrific. I still have to do this layout, but I will!